Friday, June 29, 2007

Day 2

As we said after checking in last night, our hotel is OK. Nothing more, but it's OK. (Although a huge sign draped over the front door says "Winner of the Platinum Award"....for what? From whom? Who cares?) We had a room on the ground floor -- a handicapped room, which meant the bathroom was not great for us -- that was like a basement room. The main floor of the hotel, including the lobby, is on the 2nd level, so you walk downstairs to the 1st floor. Marc decided to keep trying to get us a different room, even though we were told on checking in that they were fully booked.

This morning while we were "eating" the free "breakfast" Marc made another effort. The first time he was told that she'd work on it and get back to him. She'd work on it. The second time he went, one woman said maybe, the manager said no, and he stood there being as charming as he can be. He just stood there. Finally the first woman said Wait -- someone just canceled 10 minutes ago! Oh, it's a suite. He stood there, smiling and being charming, waiting. She looked at him and said, ok, you can have it no extra charge.

The very best part, and I wish I'd had my camera trained on him as he walked back to the table, was the beaming smile on his face as he came to tell me about it. It was absolutely adorable, he was so proud of himself and excited and happy to tell me. It's really very nice, bigger, with a microwave and refrigerator, much better bathroom, the whole 9 yards. And this is the view out of our room overlooking Penobscot Bay:

Not bad, right? He's so adorable I can hardly stand it.

Next, we're out to Mt. Desert Island, home of Acadia National Park. Lots of pictures to come!

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